Monday, December 29, 2008


is over and we had a lovely, quiet time. The weather has been cold and that has given me an opportunity to get some work done. I finished a beginner class on quilting that I will be teaching on Shirley's Learning FA group. This class will take place in February and it is free. I also pieced and quilted a commission quilt for the daughter of a friend who has graduated college, as well as finished up a few of my swap blocks. So, I am all up todate with most projects.

The last two days, when the weather warmed up, I went walking on the lake. Once in a while you can hear "drumming", which is the water moving under the lake, but the lake is frozen so there is no danger... lots of ski-doos and ice fishers around. This picture on the right is looking towards where I live - I live around the bend to the right.

The picture below is looking out towards the lake, the widest part.

The final picture is looking towards my house as I am coming back from my walk. It feels funny to be taking a picture of my home from about 20 feet out on the lake.....

Thought for the Day
Stand here by my side and turn, I pray,
On the lake below thy gentle eyes;
The clouds hang over it, heavy and gray,
And dark and silent the water lies;
And out of that frozen mist the snow
In wavering flakes begins to flow;
Flake after flake,
They sink in the dark and silent lake.
William Cullan Bryant


Fiesta said...

The view of the lake is lovely.
Nice to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Julie said...

hi debbie,
your photos are gorgeous! oh, what i wouldn't give to be living in the snow right now...we are sweltering and i'm just not a summer person.
have a great new year!

Teresa said...

Great pictures and thanks for sharing the beautiful poem.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Debbie
I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of your frozen lake and view of your lovely house. A walk on a lake sounds amazing. You could never do that here. I can almost feel the cold from your pictures. You need my 19 pairs of socks!!!
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year's! :) May God bless you abundantly this year.

Thanks for entering in the Winter Bundle Giveaways!

Miss Jocelyn