Friday, February 8, 2008


Another week comes and goes!! This week has been busy with lots of stuff - but I managed to get a bit of sewing in. I am in an internet blockswap and I made these two blocks for my partner - the specifications were autumn fabric and the block design was left to me. I didn't realize until I uploaded this picture that the background fabric is exactly the same color as the floor!! LOL

A very good friend of mine is really struggling right now and I decided to make her something to cheer her up. This little wall hanging is called "Quilter's Angel, The protector of all things Unfinished"! It is by a Canadian and Calgarian designer, Applepatch Designs. Terry's patterns are quick and easy and great stash busters!!

My Thought for the Day quote today is especially meaningful to me, because in this day and age I think very often we don't treat each other very nice. This quote is by Rabbi Smuley who has a program on radio. I think that we have lost the art of politeness, and integrity, and caring for each other. We sometimes do not respect differences and we do not respect each other. I love the relevancy of this quote - because it makes you think about how you treat others.

Thought for The Day
"Morality is determined by how you treat the people you don't need" Rabbi Shmuley

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