Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is the view I saw yesterday as I was getting gas, it is a view of Calgary looking west to the Rocky Mountains. - I couldn't believe what a beautiful view I was seeing. The mountains were so clear. This is the way to start the day!

I have recently obtained the quilt book, One Block Wonders, by Maxine Rosenthal. A friend of mine, Shirley, who runs an online Fibre Arts Learning group, had a class on this on her group. I
looked at the pictures and didn't think too much about them... then I bought the book. I hauled out some VERY old fabric that I had for a long time - it is sort of Valentine's themed (fits in with the month!) and... well..... here is the result.... I guess I am hooked!! Looks like there could be up to 60-80 blocks in this quilt and it is based on a traditional kaleidoscope block. So, I added this to my UFO list, LOL, and will keep you posted on the results!

Thought for The Day
Learn something new every day!


Phyl said...

I have an award for you!
Come & get it:


Shirl said...

Hi Deb -- I am glad to see you
are doing a One BLock Wonder -
they are quite interesting -

Thanks for the book. Shirley