Sunday, February 10, 2008


Went to see The Bucket List and I enjoyed it! The reviews I read were a little misleading - one said it was sappy and sentimental and one said it was great, so decided to make up my own mind. I thought it was good!, yes, sometimes sentimental, but it gives you something to think about - we shouldn't wait until the end to do or say what we have to in this life!
The other movie I saw a week or so ago was Juno. This is a great little movie and life and I really enjoyed it. Again, makes you think! The reviews?? - well, I don't generally pay much attention.


Quilting Mama said...

I was wondering how that movie is, the commercials look cute.

I enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing your quilts.

swooze said...

I like to form my own movie opinions. The critics and I tend to not agree.