Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am in quilting heaven right now..... This quilt is my oldest UFO (unfinished object). It is a hand appliqued quilt that I started around 2000 and is called The Country Bride Quilt. At the time I decided to learn to hand applique - didn't know anything about it, but read several books, took a class and magically thought this quilt could be done up in a flash. HA!! Well, after all these years and several stabs at different types of hand applique - freezer paper up and down, glue, needleturn, etc (who knew there were so many types) - this little baby is done!! BUT..... what's the best part of this quilt - NO, not the applique - it's all the blank spaces, blank spaces for wonderful feathers. I cannot wait to get this quilt on the frame to quilt it. I see wonderful feather wreaths in the plain blocks and perhaps more feathers outlining the applique blocks. Many of the fabrics used in this quilt were hand dyed - I bought the hand dyes - at the time i wasn't dying my own fabric like I am now. I have no idea who this quilt will be for. I always thought it would be a wonderful wedding quilt - but, no one in the family is scheduled for a big event, so perhaps it will have to stay in my quilt stash AND another project crossed off the list, but alas, moved to the quilting list! LOL

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