Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Neglectful Blogger.....

Well..... I have been a very neglectful blogger... but with good reason.  On October 1 I bought the local quilt store!!!! sooo.... needless to say I have been a little busy.... the name of the store is Whispering Hills Fabrics in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada... and my partner and I have a blog... and a newsletter (you can sign up for the newsletter on the blog).  This has been a wonderful adventure and because the business is something I know and love, I am finding that most days are just filled with fun, sewing, and friends!

I have also been super busy with my quilting business - I quilted over 25 quilts in November.... AND I am all caught up with customer quilts for Christmas.... I now will have some time over Christmas to work on my own projects.  My business website is also due for maintenance - I had to purchase a new computer in the fall and my "old" (very old) website building software just doesn't cut it any more.... time for something new and a new learning curve... but that's OK as this year is filled with learning curves.

We have a blizzard here today.... and it is a day off for me.... so I can catch up.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wow.... it is hard to believe it is September..... I had a semi-busy summer... I got lots of my own work completed and was very busy with customer quilts.  We have had a rainy, rainy summer and we now have tons of mushrooms in the yard.  I just love them!   I need to check out the different varieties online because of the different ones I have spotted....

Yesterday we had a beautiful Blue Heron land on our beach..... just such a serene bird..... 

This little project was a kit from Connecting Threads.... and was hand pieced!  The hexagons didn't take quite as long as I thought and I really enjoyed making this little purse.

I also finished my applique towels for the swap that I am in for pics of those yet... cause the receivers won't be getting them until later.....  All in all, it has been a productive summer... I will have some more exciting news towards the end of the month.

Thought for the Day
Do not handicap your children by making their lives easier.
Robert Heinlein

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilting completed.....

on my Poppies Block of the Month quilt.... loved quilting this one... and it was so not my colors - orange.... but I added the brown batik and I think that I actually really like it now.... This was made with the Kaleidoscope ruler by Marti Michel

Enjoying the Sun..........

My Boston Terriers, Tooie, and Magpie are enjoying the summer sun......

This photo is of the landscape that I made in the class taught by Shirley Patterson at our summer retreat.  This was a fun, fun project and I didn't have any trouble finishing it....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quilts finished.....

I finished quilting two of my own quilts the last little while.  This quilt was my first hand applique quilt - started around 2000.  I used several different ways to applique.... and found that I prefer to use freezer paper on top with needle turn.  This top has been waiting a long time to be quilted - it's probably my longest quilting UFO...The pattern is called Country Bride.

I also finished quilting North of the Forty Nine from the Book All Through the Woods.... very Canadian.... and a real fun project to quilt.
So, I finished 2 quilting projects and added 3 to be quilting from my retreat..... the list goes on.

Thought for the Day
Enjoy the quiet times.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My retreats in June....

were a great success..... I managed to complete several items..... many of these were ufo's... now the are quilting ufo's - LOL.  The picture at right is of the items that I was able to finish.  I am especially thrilled with my "Pokey Little Puppy" quilt.  This was my favorite book when I was a child - I still have my original copy - and I how have a quilt to pass on to a grandchild one day.  I bought another copy of the book to go with the quilt.

One of the retreats celebrated a 10th Anniversary and because I was one of the original organizers 10 years ago, I donated a quilt to be raffled amongst the attendees.  It was certainly fitting that one of the organizers, Miryam, won the quilt AND her mom, Pjam, is one of the original attendees also.... I was so happy to share this with her.

One of our attendees, Becky, passed away earlier this year.  We held a silent auction and donated the proceeds to one of her favorite charities in Athlanta, Georgia.  We raised $1000.00.

Bingo fun!!!! and my good friend Shirley busy working on her amazing landscapes!

Thought for the Day
Knowledge is not the same as wisdom
wisdom is the application of knowledge
Heather Barclay

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm off to retreat......

for a week of sewing - yes, 7 whole days..... ya think I can get some UFO's done ????..... pics when I return!
Click here to go to my website to see pictures of the Cotton Candy quilt that I told you about  in this post

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Quilt....

Finished a small baby quilt today using 4 patch stack (or 4 patch posie) technique.  Each of the block has a different centre.... makes for such a cute quilt.


We finally had some sunshine in Northern Alberta!!!! I got the last of my flowers planted.  Hopefully we will have some more sunny days soon; although, we had a fantastic thunderstorm last night with load of rain, and it is on the cooler side today. 

We recently installed a fence in our front yard so that our two Boston Terriers can enjoy sitting in the sun.  This is the view facing west with the new fence, flowers, and the bench I moved from the front porch.  We get lovely sun in the morning here so it will be a nice spot to soak up whatever sun we do get.

This picture is of the front of the deck..... my pottery sunflower looks great there!  Let's hope the Begonias grow!

I am getting packed for a week long quilt retreat - this is my yearly retreat that I have written about before.  Looking forward to seeing my old friends AND taking a landscape class from my very good friend, Shirley Patterson.  I am going to be making a winter scene.....

Thought for the Day
The most sincere people will make enough mistakes to keep them humble.  Thank God for mistakes and take courage.  Don't give up on account of them
Paul L. Powers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exciting News.....

I have some very exciting news.  I have been published!!! A quilt that I quilted for my friend, Laurel Francis, has been published in the Canadian Magazine, A Needle Pulling Thread. 

I quilted 3 of these last Spring for Laurel, in anticipation of her article in A Needle Pulling Thread.  The article also includes the pattern for this quilt, a queen size quilt and a hooked rug by Laurel's sister in law and business partner, Cindy Everett.  I have many pictures of these quilts being quilted and will have them on my website soon.  I wasn't allowed to post pictures until the article and pattern was published.... it was very hard to keep it all under wraps - only a couple of very close friends knew of the spread.  I have been quilting for Laurel for about 10 years - I started quilting for her on my domestic machine.... she is a great friend and designer.  She does not have a website at the moment, but if you are interested in her designs she can be contacted here.

Time Flies...........

and May is gone.... LOL... not that I wasn't busy creating in May - I just haven't blogged for awhile..... I made this jacket for Boston Terrier Rescue..... they will use it as a fundraiser.  I finished quilting my two 4 Patch Stack quilts and now I am packing for two quilt retreats in June - they run back to back this year - so I have a whole week of quilting!

Thought for the Day
Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment
Oprah Winfrey

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UFO finishes.....

I got a lot of my own quilting done last week..... very glad to get some of my quilt tops done.

This is a second Dresden Plate quilt made from some blocks that I received from a retirement center.  The prints in the Dresden Plates are 40's or 50's and are appliqued to a cotton/poly background (I did this because some of the blocks were appliqued to this type of fabric already - I used the same fabric to preserve continuity).  The border is a Reproduction print.

This quilt is a quick lap quilt made from some leftover blue minky from the Horse quilt that I made my sister last year.

This Braid quilt was made from a jelly roll - love these country colors.

And the last quilt is made from a new line of flannel called Kitten Kaboodle.... I just loved it and had to make something....

Crazy weather.......

we have had such crazy weather the last week or so; rain, snow, high winds.... at least we no longer are in a drought situation.... This picture is of the sky the other afternoon - Thought we would get a huge storm.... but it passed right over us.... very pretty tho.

This piece of pottery is a yarn bowl - used to keep a ball of yarn in while you knit or crochet.

I had some time to spare so I put together my swap blocks from the House Swap hosted by my Florida friend, Betsy.... very happy with these and I think the quilt will be a great kids quilt.
Thought for the Day
Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself: What is my truest intention? Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it.

Oprah Winfrey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy Friday.......

we FINALLY have rain!! Everything is turning green.... and hopefully the forest fires in the area will be put out!
I spent the afternoon making a fabric bowl from the book It's A Wrap II by Susan Breier...... lots of fun.  These will be great for Christmas presents!

The small pot to the right is another of my pottery projects - a dragonfly container. 

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!

Thought for the Day
That which you push against, you create
Abraham Hicks

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday......

I have been really enjoying pottery.  This is my first piece of pottery done on the wheel.... I had lots of help from an instructor... and my subsequent pieces aren't so great... but I do love working on the wheel.  This pot has not been glazed (other than the black stripe); the color is the natural Athabasca clay found where I live.  I love the look of this clay - I have done 5 other wheel pieces that are in the stages of drying/firing.  Pottery is over for the summer... will be back at it in September.  I hope to be able to combine this with my love of quilting.

I finished a quilt that I am donating for a door prize for my annual quilt retreat in June.  I love the teal colors in this one.... and I quilted it with the Raindrops panto. 

I have been enjoying some doing some custom quilting lately.  Check out my quilting site for what I have been doing - lots of feathers in a wonderful hand appliqued quilt.  This is how I LOVE to quilt!

Thought for the Day
A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament
Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know, as quilters, we all have UFO's (I haven't even begun to list them on my blog - LOL); I have been busy trying to complete those before starting new projects.  Of course, that doesn't always work - I seem to accumulate projects on a daily basis and I am sure this comes from working at the Quilt Shop and teaching classes.... This is a quilt that I made from swap blocks and I am quite happy with it.  I just love pink and brown....

I also completed a charity quilt for my retreat in June - I just love nine-patch quilts!  This one is backed by yellow fleece.

I am continuing my Vintage Valentine blocks.... still on block #3

Thought for the Day
Give yourself permission to succeed by surrounding yourself with loving mirrors
Noah St. John

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hockey Season is just about

ended... but I have a customer who wanted  a Hockey Christmas Tree Skirt made for Christmas.  I finished the top at my retreat and quilted it up today.  I had fabric left over so I made her a couple of pillow cases.  I quilted a hockey player into each corner... I am quite happy with it.

Back from my holiday......

and we are well into April.  I had a great time in Vanouver... the sun was shining and the flowers were out.  I just love the ocean and spent a few afternoons on Granville Island having tea, an afternoon or two in Gastown sipping a glass of Reisling..... and some time in Yaletown shopping.

My retreat at North Bow Lodge was great, as usual.  Since we meet once a year we have decided to call our group, Same Time, Next Year.  I finished a tree skirt, an appliqued jacket for Boston Rescue, and two oven mitts. The picture at left is of my room.

Thought for the Day
Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just when we thought it was Spring....

we had snow today!! Not a lot; just a light dusting.... but reminded me that it really is still Winter in this part of the world.  I have been working on purses and oven mitts..... I think I will make some oven mitts for Christmas presents... this one is far too Springy.....The bags are for my sister and my mom.

I am off to Vancouver, B.C., to visit my son and THEN off to a weekend quilt retreat...... I am going to search for new fabrics at Maiwa on Granville Island and look for some pottery inspiration, as well.

Thought for the Day
True courage is like a kite;
a contrary wind raises it higher.
John Petit-Senn

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fibers.......

I have quilted many Yellow Brick Road quilts - but I have never made one myself.  I thought that it was time to finally make one of these quick and easy patterns.  I picked fat quarters from my stash.... so it was a stash buster, too.  I backed this one with purple Minkee.....No wonder the UFO pile isn't going down - I start new things.... but at least this is quilted and ready for a gift.  The sun has been shining for a few days now... could this be Spring???

Thought for the Day
Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked.
A man reaps what he sows.
Galatians 6:7

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well into March....

and it seems like Spring around here..... I have been working on my pottery, as well as my sewing.... These are two projects I recently finished; a sunflower and a toadstool for the garden (the toadstool is for my neighbor).  I am really enjoying this new hobby.

I will be finishing up several customer quilts this week and... thinking about my applique towels for the towel swap.

Thought for the Day
Life is "trying things to see if they work"
Ray Bradbury

Monday, February 22, 2010

Finishing up some UFO's.....

This has been a great month for me to finish up some of my UFO's (not everything is on my list - LOL).... I finished my Poppies Block of the Month that was part of our Guild program, another quilt that was part of a Saturday Sew Day with the guild ( I had to work that day but managed to get the top done), finished up two table runners, pillowcases for Boston Rescue, a quilt top PLUS customer quilting...
The picture top, right is the "Non Mystery" quilt that we did as part of a guild sew Saturday.  I had some Andover Civil War Fat Quarters that I used in this top. 

The pillowcases at left turned out quite well.  I think I will make a few more.  Below are the table runners that I made.  The sunflowers turned out quite yellow for some reason.... they aren't really that yellow.

Thought for the Day
A Woman is like a teabag.  You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, February 8, 2010

We're into February......

and I don't exactly know where January went. lol.... I have been busy..... I finished quilting my Baltimore Bunnies quilt - I worked on this quilt over a two year period at two retreats. It was finished and put together in June, 2009 and now it is quilted. I just love this quilt and perhaps one day I will have a granddaughter to give it to. I quilted lots of feathers in this one... and bubbly background fills.

I also finished a small quilt for Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. This will be auctioned off at a dog show in Edmonton in June, 2010 ( I think). It has the cutest pantograph on it - Doggie Pit Stop.

I certainly hope that Betsy from Florida reads my post today... cause.... I started my Vintage Valentine quilt...... My plan is to hand applique this.... we will see. It is such a beautiful quilt.
Thought for the Day
When I'm not doing something that comes deeply from me, I get bored. When I get bored I get distracted and when I get distracted, I become depressed. It's a natural resistance, and it insures your integrity.
Barbara Hall