Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well into March....

and it seems like Spring around here..... I have been working on my pottery, as well as my sewing.... These are two projects I recently finished; a sunflower and a toadstool for the garden (the toadstool is for my neighbor).  I am really enjoying this new hobby.

I will be finishing up several customer quilts this week and... thinking about my applique towels for the towel swap.

Thought for the Day
Life is "trying things to see if they work"
Ray Bradbury


Shirley said...

Wow Deb - I wish we had a chance to do pottery together. I just loved hand building when I
was in Arizona. I have lots of my pieces still, from when I worked there. Love what you did.

Knowing you as well as I do - I know you will
turn out some wonderful, whimsical pieces.
Carry on -- it gets more fun the more you do!

Jennifer said...

Looks as though you are enjoying your new hobby!

Betsy said...

great pottery Debbie. Great new hobby.

Rhonda said...

New direction means you'll need a whole new room to store your things.....LOL....I was into scrapbooking and quilting....needless to say...things got ugly and out of hand...LOL
Great luck with the pottery....I really love the sunflower.
Take care.