Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wool Applique

Happy November - Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer - LOL. I am working on another few blocks (don't know how many I am actually going to do) from the Chestermere Block of the Month Quilt, that was designed by my friend Laurel Francis, of Shaggy Dog Designs. I made this quilt a couple of years ago in homespun fabrics - it is the quilt that is in my profile picture. You can also see a picture of it here. This was my first attempt at a hand applique quilt - and needless to say, without the encouragement of Laurel, I doubt if I would have finished it. I have decided to do some more blocks in wool applique - and wool applique is a whole lot easier than hand applique!
Thought for the Day
Those who wish to sing, always find a song.
Swedish Proverb


Fiesta said...

Debbie, the applique is lovely. Lucky for you that you like wool. I do not like the feel of it on my hands so I avoid it, I have seen beauties made from it though so I admire the people that can work with it.

MOLLY said...

Debbie--I enjoyed your post on wool applique. I am just getting into stitchery and will soon do some wool applique along with it. Thanks for the information.

Karen said...

Wonderful wool applique block.