Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas memory....

I was driving to work this morning and it was slightly colder than usual. A mist of cloud was hanging over a field, as I drove up over the hill, and I thought of Christmases past.
When my son was young, about 6 or so, he always wore some sort of hat or cap. Starting about October he usually started wearing his santa hat. He also got lots of comments about it..... but he always used to just smile and not say too much. I thought he looked adorable, of course. When he was around 12 and in Grade 7 he stopped wearing his santa hat.... I guess it's just too hard to be a teenager and be different at the same time. I thought about him today and smiled remembering his red Santa Hat.
Tonight I am watching the first of my Christmas movies. It is a newer movie, but will become an old favorite - Polar Express.
Thought for the Day
Always show the you in you that makes you the you that you are
Chidinma Obietikponah


Carin said...

I love my little guy in his santa hat. What a great memory

Fiesta said...

Debbie, the Polar Express is my favorite movie. My hubby gifted it to me last year when I simply fell in love with it.
I use it to help my 17 year old Believe". You know as they get older the magic goes away for them with all the pressures of their lives so I still try to make Christmas Magical.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hope you enjoy the Polar Express. Have you seen Jingle All The Way? That's my favorite Christmas Movie. We have just bought Prancer but are saving it for a couple more weeks before we watch it.
What a lovely memory of your son with his Santa hat. You must make him wear one this year for old times sake!
Best Wishes

Teresa said...

I love watching Christmas movies. My all time favorite is White Christmas.

Jennifer said...

Polar Express was on TV here last night! We don't start thinking 'Christmas' until after 2nd December as that's our son's birthday, we always let him have his birthday before we put up the tree or any decorations. That means next weekend the decorations will go up.

Jamie said...

Oh, that is kind of sad...I'm already sad thinking of my girls growing up :-( Thanks for sharing the thought for the day though...I LOVE IT!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is quite cute :-) Have a happy Sunday!

Shirley said...

My boys always wore their Santa hats to open presents and we all wore one for Christmas dinner. We were stationed far away from the rest of our family so we had our own Christmas story every year. I would tell the boys all about their Dad's adventures as often he was in Europe or with the United Nations Peace Keeping force in Egypt. I wish I had recorded the stories - as they just loved them. Would love to have them to give to them now. grin.

We always took movies and when he came home we would always watch it. It was so nice when we got out of the Service and knew he was home over Christmas!