Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stacked 4 Patch....

which is similar to a Stack N'Whack, except that is done as a four patch, is a pattern that I have been interested in. I made some blocks and then set them on point into a table cloth, with fabric that had a very small repeat (about 6")... the design is very intricate and a little hard to see... but I really like the design. The second picture shows the green squares a little closer and you can see the differences in the design .... plus the quilting... I had fun with this little piece.

So, while I quilting this little piece - I thought I would like to try another print... so I found another print that had about a twelve inch repeat... and came up with these little blocks. I like them too!! Might take a week or so to get these stitched up and quilted... but will make a cute little quilt. I was really excited making these blocks... you never know what you are going to get!!

Thought for the Day
The result is often disappointing, but the process is highly exciting.
Francis Bacon

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Fiesta said...

They do look hard but interesting.
I apologize for not starting the project you sent me yet.