Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A favorite (BOSTON TERRIER) thought for the day...

One of my most favorite " Thought for the Day" 's is one that I heard on the Rabbi Schmuley show, on Oprah.com radio.
"Morality is determined by how you treat the people you don't need"
Wow - when I heard that quote I really really was impressed... cause I really believe it.... and I thought about how I treat people every day... or perhaps how I treat people I met on the internet... or just comments I may have left on blogs or sites on the internet.... makes me think everyday - and I realize that I really do live by that quote - what a blessing!! to recognize and appreciate!

Oh..... and Canadian Gail.... BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON .......BOSTON
T E R R I E R ...... I sure do LOVE my Boston Terriers....and I sure do LOVE Boston Terrier RESCUE!! :)

We have a bright and sunny day here and I am tearing up carpet in anticipation of new! I had done some of my wool applique blocks over the weekend and will post some in a day or so... have a super day!

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