Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, we are in the third day of a deep freeze again! This time the snow didn't leave after the first day, and it is expected to continue for another two days. The temperature is -12C (which is 10 F), but with the wind chill the temperature is -23C (which is -9F).

It has been a good weekend for quilting..... and I finally got to use the cutest pantograph that I have had for a while - it is called "Doggie Pit Stop" by Dave Hudson. I think it is just adorable...... and I will use it again. I am not generally a pantograph user but there are a few out there that just suit the quilt!

Thought for The Day
Are you grateful?


Robin L said...

Sorry about Mr. Winter hang on where you live, in WI we are finally seeing spring. I just love your quilt!

Teresa said...

Good gracious - we did not get any snow at all this year and I missed it - but I don't think I would want to see it this time of year! At least you got some quilting time in and that is always a good thing.