Friday, July 30, 2010

My retreats in June....

were a great success..... I managed to complete several items..... many of these were ufo's... now the are quilting ufo's - LOL.  The picture at right is of the items that I was able to finish.  I am especially thrilled with my "Pokey Little Puppy" quilt.  This was my favorite book when I was a child - I still have my original copy - and I how have a quilt to pass on to a grandchild one day.  I bought another copy of the book to go with the quilt.

One of the retreats celebrated a 10th Anniversary and because I was one of the original organizers 10 years ago, I donated a quilt to be raffled amongst the attendees.  It was certainly fitting that one of the organizers, Miryam, won the quilt AND her mom, Pjam, is one of the original attendees also.... I was so happy to share this with her.

One of our attendees, Becky, passed away earlier this year.  We held a silent auction and donated the proceeds to one of her favorite charities in Athlanta, Georgia.  We raised $1000.00.

Bingo fun!!!! and my good friend Shirley busy working on her amazing landscapes!

Thought for the Day
Knowledge is not the same as wisdom
wisdom is the application of knowledge
Heather Barclay


Jennifer said...

Looks as though your retreats were very productive!

Shirley said...

I so enjoyed spending both retreats with you!

WOW! I knew you accomplished a lot but didn't realize how much -- you do such great work. You also made the bag for me on top of all the other stuff, as well as a bowl, and spent time teaching me!

This woman is amazing -- and sooooo kind.

I wasn't feeling well a couple of days before the
2nd retreat was finished and she gathered up my
'stuff' and drove me home from Olds which is l.5 hours away. Thanks again Deb. Shirley

Fiesta said...

Debbie great pics of your retreat. I know it feels good to have finished some UFO's. Are you still doing the vintage valentine?

Teresa said...

Great pictures from the retreat - thanks for sharing. I love the Pokey Little Puppy quilt.