Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog Award.....

Betsy, from Quilting Fiesta, sent me the above award..... Thanks! I would like to pass the award onto the following sites:
Teresa from Stitchin' Friends..... she is always busy with quilting and home renos .... AND.... always posts all the best quilty give-aways!
Rhondee from Rhondee's Blog - she has designed an original pattern that looks wonderful AND she also has lots on the go.
Just Jonna is a wonderful artist - her blog is an inspiration.
Teresa from Moonvalley Quilter designs patterns in EQ6 AND she gives the patterns away free on her site..... very talented.


Rhondee said...

Debbie, I am honored to receive this award. As a quilter I am learning new and wonderful things on a daily basis. BloggerLand, as I call it, has opened alot of inspirational doors for me and I've made some great new friends. Thanks for thinking of me, you're a peach!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blogs you picked. Thanks for sharing. :-)