Sunday, January 13, 2008


Many of my friends know that I am crazy for Boston Terriers, I have two, Magpie and Tooie (mother and son). I am also extremely involved in Boston Terrier Club of Canada Rescue. Many times when I take pictures of my quilts - there will be a little boston terrier in it - not necessarily my own boston but sometimes one of my rescues. If you look at the "All Through The Woods" quilt in the previous post you will see one of these little bostons - his name is Baxter and he stayed with us for a short time before going to a foster home, then being adopted out to a new family in Edmonton! I also make many quilts, dolls, and other items that Rescue uses for fundraising - I am always willing to help out these little guys. Some of these projects can be seen on my webshots photos.
If you are interested in Boston Terrier Rescue - can foster or would like to adopt, or even make a donation OR perhaps you would like to know when I am hosting my next fundraising event for them - please email me or go to Boston Terrier Club of Canada Rescue.

Today I Am Thankful For:
Magpie and Tooie, my friend Shirley.

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