Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday......

I have been really enjoying pottery.  This is my first piece of pottery done on the wheel.... I had lots of help from an instructor... and my subsequent pieces aren't so great... but I do love working on the wheel.  This pot has not been glazed (other than the black stripe); the color is the natural Athabasca clay found where I live.  I love the look of this clay - I have done 5 other wheel pieces that are in the stages of drying/firing.  Pottery is over for the summer... will be back at it in September.  I hope to be able to combine this with my love of quilting.

I finished a quilt that I am donating for a door prize for my annual quilt retreat in June.  I love the teal colors in this one.... and I quilted it with the Raindrops panto. 

I have been enjoying some doing some custom quilting lately.  Check out my quilting site for what I have been doing - lots of feathers in a wonderful hand appliqued quilt.  This is how I LOVE to quilt!

Thought for the Day
A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament
Oscar Wilde


Fiesta said...

Debbie congratulations on the new pottery and doing some custom quilting. It is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Your pot is great, your potting is coming along in leaps and bounds!

Shirley said...

Debbie - I wish I was closer. I used to do hand building, but there isn't a pottery studio close to where I live. I never enjoyed throwing pots that much but really loved hand building. I learned it in
Arizona where the park we stayed in had a wonderful pottery room. We helped each other and I learned a lot. Ended up teaching different things there. Your pot is gorgeous. I
am so glad you are finding so many interests in
Athabasca. I am going to check out your quilting blog right now. Luv Shirley

Rhonda said...

Your pottery is great. I'll bet it loads of fun.
I'd love to get into pottery but with fabric everywhere I don't think my family would appreciate a new hobby...LOL
take care!