Thursday, September 24, 2009


LOL... and I have finished 20 of my Christmas Aprons - now all the family will have one.... and my dilemma now is whether or not to make a few more for friends..... well.... I do have some time.

Tooie, the Boston Terrier, has an owie..... he had to have a nail removed as he ripped most of it off.... so he has been taking it easy for the last day or so.
I have been busy organizing quilting classes for work, quilting for customers, and getting ready for a Machine Quilting class and lecture that I will be doing in Pincher Creek, Alberta on October 3/4..... then it's off to Las Vegas for my 50th birthday trip with a friend that I have known since Grade 1...... and then... well I better get my houses done for the House Swap(right, Betsy??).....
Thought for the Day
Let your expectations be the driving, directing force behind your actions. And take the committed, persistent actions that will achieve what you expect to achieve.
Ralph Marsten


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Debbie
You sound to be getting very organised ready for Christmas. Hope your dog feels better soon. Have a great time in Las Vegas with your friend and please take lots of pictures to share.

Benedetta said...

I am such a crazy quilt lover! So happy to have found you :-) Oh, I was wondering did you make the quilt that is in your profile picture is the most stunning thing ever!!!
Blessing and thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-)

Fiesta said...

You mean you haven't made the houses yet with 90 days before Christmas??? Well Ms. Debbie, that just means that you will have to send me an apron too! ( just joshin)
Happy Birthday!

Shirley said...

Poor Tooie --- I hope his foot isn't causing him too much pain. Nice to talk to you yesterday. I know you will have a great time teaching in
Pincher Creek - as I know what a great teacher you are. Also your
trip to Vegas will be great for you and Kelly. It is hard to believe it is 2 months until Christmas. Unbelievable. Shirley