Saturday, May 24, 2008

Small Quilt...

This is a small charity quilt that I put together for my guild. Everyone had to make two blocks and then the blocks are divided into groups of 12 and then quilts are put together by individual members. I won't be able to quilt this one as we are moving... but it is my last charity quilt that I will do while I live in the city.

Today is the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in Calgary. Unfortunately it is raining heavily, so there will be no quilts on display around the park..... This is the 13th year for the festival and I have volunteered at 12 of them... there have been a few with rainy days.... it is still a fun event and well-attended by local and out-of-town quilters.
Thought for the Day
Gratitude is the sign of noble souls


Greenmare said...

lovely little green quilt!

Myra said...

Enjoyed viewing your blob. Will visit again!

Carma said...

Cute charity quilt! Could you please direct me to the pattern?
Thank you.

Debbie said...

The name of this block is Card Trick - I don't have a pattern - but it can be found on Quilters Cache.